The TN Governor’s School for the Arts will be held June 5, 2021 – June 26, 2021

APPLICATION DUE: December 1st, 2020.


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Be sure to complete both your Application and the Online Student Data Form.

Students must complete and return their applications to their Guidance Counselor in time for the Guidance Office to postmark applications within the deadline.

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Online Student Data Form

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Counselors live in the dormitory with students and work daily with students, faculty, and staff.  Duties include supervising students in the dormitory, helping with student adjustment and discipline, performing various chores in support of daily school operations and productions.  A successful counselor must be a mature, sensitive, and responsible person who can maintain rapport with teenagers while at the same time maintaining a position of leadership and supportive authority with them.  Counselors must also be able to communicate effectively with faculty and students, and must make an absolute commitment to enforcing school rules and regulations which are designed to create a healthy, safe, and positive learning and living environment for gifted and talented adolescents.  Counselors must be available for orientation sessions prior to the start of the School and must be free to stay for the duration of the School term.  The School for the Arts will not tolerate any use or possession of illegal and/or controlled substances whatsoever.