Watkins College of Art, Design & Film offers a studio-based curriculum, supported by a strong academic foundation. The faculty and staff are committed to a learning-centered environment that challenges the student to engage the mind, train the eye and cultivate talent and skill into an active realization of creative potential.

Nashville is a city on the cutting edge of the creative economy and Watkins its shining star in art education. Your training at the college, and experience of the vast opportunities the city affords, will prepare you for a career in your discipline. You will meet legends of the art world, experience classic and contemporary masterpieces, and leave us prepared in technique, vision, aesthetic, and business savvy.

Watkins’ faculty members are leading practitioners in their fields. They will bring to you real life experience, based upon unparalleled professional success. Watkins professors all come to us at the height of their careers, wanting only to make such achievement happen for you. The college is beautiful; the equipment, studios, and technology are the best to be found.


Watkins College of Art, Design & Film is a regionally and nationally accredited, non-profit, independent college of the visual arts, offering BFA degrees in fine art, film, photography, graphic design, and interior design, and a BA degree in art. Founded in 1885 as a community education resource, Watkins has a rich history as a major art institution in the city of Nashville.