Tennessee’s Best Summer Dance Program

Dance is a means of self-awareness and a fundamental form of communication as well as a performance art. Students of an age and readiness for the Governor’s School for the Arts are exposed to an intensive multifaceted program within a community of interdisciplinary arts professionals and aspirants – a stimulating environment which facilitates learning.


Dynamic Vocal and Instrumental Programs

The Tennessee Governor’s School for the Arts provides educational instruction for students skilled in strings, wind ensemble, piano, and as of 2010, classical guitar. We also recognize and cultivate some of the most outstanding young voices in the state of Tennessee. Our curriculum offers study in both choral and opera technique.


Directing Tennessee’s Future Filmmakers

Filmmaking students are introduced to both the theory and technical aspects of filmmaking. Through lectures, films and hand-on experiences, students will learn the three aspects of filmmaking: pre-production, production, and post-production. Students will be taught all aspects of camera, lighting and grip equipment, sound equipment and editing software.


Exclusive Technical & Performance Instruction

Our philosophy is simple — to supply an opportunity for the student to learn. We do this by providing a program of dedicated and focused study in all areas of theatrical studies, with an emphasis on the process of creating live theatre. Students are given opportunities to explore, to question, and to grow.

Visual Art

Cultivating Tennessee’s Young Visual Artists

The Tennessee Governor’s School for the Arts visual art program seeks to provide an understanding of the ways mankind has expressed ideas and recorded experiences through the medium of visual art, and to facilitate the development of technical skills in the production of a work of art. Our students become acquainted with career opportunities in visual art, to prepare them to be the artists of tomorrow.