FALL in Nashville – Dance Students field trip.

FALL is a contemporary dance company using all the instruments at our disposal to create rich, authentic performance experiences. By incorporating aerial dance (hanging from the ceiling), site specific work (climbing on things that are not typically climbed on), more traditional dance elements (where we usually, though not always, have at least one foot on the ground), and collaborations with other artists and genres, FALL moves in all dimensions of space to make innovative, exciting and unexpected art.

FALL was founded in 2010. We began as a small group of performers doing site-specific work, collaborative performances, and traditional theatrical concerts. The vision of FALL’s founder, Rebekah Hampton Barger, was to utilize the vocabulary of aerial arts (which are traditionally circus arts) to expand the bounds of contemporary dance.

FALL is about finding the places where anything is possible…where the stage, and the audience, is anywhere and everywhere.

FALL is about creating a universe in which super heroes exist. Blurring the lines between art and life, flying and falling…